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  • Saturday, 18 May 2024
Diddy Pays Sting $5,000 Per Day for Not Clearing

Diddy Pays Sting $5,000 Per Day for Not Clearing "Every Breath You Take" Sample, Loves Him Anyway

Diddy's song 'I'll Be Missing You' samples the melody and chorus of Sting's song 'Every Breath You Take,' but he did not originally clear the use of the sample. However, after Sting and his publisher sued Diddy, he reached a settlement agreement that included paying royalties to Sting for the use of his song.


Recently, the @BlackMillionaires Twitter page shared a clip of Sting discussing the royalties he receives from Diddy during an appearance on The Breakfast Club, where he confirmed that Diddy pays him $2,000 per day.


In response to the clip shared on Twitter, Diddy quote-tweeted it and corrected the information, stating that he actually pays Sting $5,000 per day for the use of the song (approximately $1,825,000 annually

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